Monday, October 29, 2007


Episode 3.

Simply put, kids. What it is!?

In this episode -- I, TomK -- discuss proper storage of personal alcohol at parties, the horrible musician that is SouljaBoy, the 60's and 70's band t-shirts, and being bisexual.

Oh, no, it's not me -- I love the breasteses. I'm just answering a question:

See you all next week, peoples.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hey hey! What it is!?

This "Phenomenon" show is rediculous. -ly bad.

It's absolute crap. To the crappiest degree. If you believe it -- you are idiots. Earpieces = epic lie.

But if you watch episode 2 of the TOMK SHOW -- you are insanely awesome.

No Carmen Electra, though.

Just TomK. And Denzel. And Russel. And T.I.

Whatchu know about that?

Hope you enjoy. Email questions to under the subject name HEY TOMK.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Hey hey, what it is, everyone? Or should it be -- what is it?

It's the TOMK SHOW.

If you didn't hate the fact I'm on the internet I'm telling stories and shit.

IN our first episode -- I set up future episodes, and tell a story discussing "THE KNOW."

Funny story, actually. I came up with "THE KNOW" after such a thing happened. I'm at a party for my friends Kyle and Dan. The party is going crazy, a lot of younger people there, too -- but it' s out of my hands. I go on the back porch, and I see this girl in a skirt/dress thing. There's some little 5 foot whatever how many inches with a Volcom hat licking everywhere but the inside of this girls mouth. They notice me, I chuckle and go back inside. Sunday, the next morning, I'm at work and I see this girl with some other guy. Holding hands, walking through my department, ecetera. I have half the mind to destroy a relationship this morning but I pass on it. I can be evil, but I'm also getting Sunday pay and I get health care, too. I don't want to get fired because some 17 year old took a swing at me. So this girl and I lock eyes from about 10 feet away. The boyfriend is on the other end of the department looking at something. She looks, then double takes and looks horrified. I just give her a smug, "Hey, howya doin'?" and move on. She quickly gets back to the boy she's with. She knew that I knew that she's two-timing this guy. Oh well.

Be back next week. I'm aiming for Monday or Tuesday. It's how I kick it.