Monday, October 15, 2007


Hey hey, what it is, everyone? Or should it be -- what is it?

It's the TOMK SHOW.

If you didn't hate the fact I'm on the internet I'm telling stories and shit.

IN our first episode -- I set up future episodes, and tell a story discussing "THE KNOW."

Funny story, actually. I came up with "THE KNOW" after such a thing happened. I'm at a party for my friends Kyle and Dan. The party is going crazy, a lot of younger people there, too -- but it' s out of my hands. I go on the back porch, and I see this girl in a skirt/dress thing. There's some little 5 foot whatever how many inches with a Volcom hat licking everywhere but the inside of this girls mouth. They notice me, I chuckle and go back inside. Sunday, the next morning, I'm at work and I see this girl with some other guy. Holding hands, walking through my department, ecetera. I have half the mind to destroy a relationship this morning but I pass on it. I can be evil, but I'm also getting Sunday pay and I get health care, too. I don't want to get fired because some 17 year old took a swing at me. So this girl and I lock eyes from about 10 feet away. The boyfriend is on the other end of the department looking at something. She looks, then double takes and looks horrified. I just give her a smug, "Hey, howya doin'?" and move on. She quickly gets back to the boy she's with. She knew that I knew that she's two-timing this guy. Oh well.

Be back next week. I'm aiming for Monday or Tuesday. It's how I kick it.